What limits you have crossed to follow your passion? We all dream and have the same 24 hours in a day to pursue them. There are people who go beyond the limits & run an extra mile everyday to fulfill their dreams and passion. Shutter Chicken found one such talent who has got the same 24 hours but multiple things to do. Anoushka Jain, who is currently living in New Zealand has got her own ways to live her life queen size. She is an amazing dancer & passionate about fitness and singing. 

Well, we were honored to interview her & started it by asking her “When did you start dancing and what are other things that interest you?” To this, she answered “I started dancing Latin dance forms such as salsa, bachata and kizomba since about last year, and I’ve been dancing Bollywood all my life just for fun so I’ve always loved dancing 💃…I actually really like to sing and be crafty, love horror movies and movies in general, I’m passionate about biology and the gym”

The ones who don’t know what bachata and kizomba dance forms are, Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over the world. It is connected with bachata music. Anoushka does it with so ease and perfection that it has got her any appreciations. Well, it’s totally magical…!

Excited enough, we threw another question to her asking “what makes you influential? If a brand like Amazon approaches you, how will you influence people to buy their products?” She answered “I guess people like to watch my feed, most comments I get, people like to watch what I’m upto, they like the personality they see in me. I’ve had clothing brands approach me to be an ambassador because of my look, so they want people to see me wearing their clothes as that would make people want to buy them.”

Well, to our readers & brands based out of Auckland, you can follow her on Instagram @_anoushkajain. We can bet on you drooling over her dance moves!

We never wanted to conclude but it was the last question we asked her “What were the struggles you have fought with to be the person that you are today?” She confidently answered this “The main struggles I’ve had to battle with have been friends and family that in their love, actually try to suppress my growth and from becoming the person I am made to be. Whether it is that they do not believe in us and don’t want us to get hurt, or they are scared of our change, they end up trying to keep us in the same place forever. Learning that I had to break free from their “advice” if I wanted to grow was a hard pill to swallow. I love sharing things with friends and family but I had to battle with being scared to show them the new ventures I am dabbling in until I had done it already and been successful”

We were totally impressed with her answers and so wanted to share her story with our readers across the globe. We wish her a successful life ahead. Watch how excited she was for this interview:

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