Body confidence is something that is really hard to gain and we try a lot of different ways to love our different body types. There are 30% of the American girls who fight daily with themselves and live in depression because somewhere in their mind, they hate their body. There are many ways to deal with this but to choose the path of self harm. Interviewing many strong influencers, we found a 23 year old girl from Australia who chose a very different and successful path to gain body confidence.

We interviewed SHAY (@wildyelo) who has got some serious naughty stuff on onlyfans. She is the strongest person, we have interviewed till now. We started the interview asking “What’s your current age and at what age you started with your content?” She answered “I just turned 23 and I originally started as a cam girl when I was 20. I did that on and off for two years but it took a lot of time and was hard for me to handle while I was studying and working, so I moved onto making content for onlyfans at age 22. I prefer it because I can post when I want and promote it on my Snapchat and Instagram page.”

Studying and simultaneously working, Shay did everything at just the age of 22. There are many ways to success, the girl took a hotter one, she made a onlyfans account. Get glimpse of her sexy videos there.

We did not stop here and asked another question “As we have partnered with Amazon, in case Amazon Apparel approaches you for a paid collab for it’s lingerie category, how will you Influence the masses to buy that?” She replied, “If I were to get a collab, I will make sure to post sexy, appealing photos onto my page and story. The photos will be good quality to attract more buyers. I will encourage buyers to buy lingerie for their lovers or someone they admire, and of course tag the product.”

We truly believe that Shay can do justice to Amazon becoming their influencer for lingerie and other two piece categories like bras and panties as she has sensual body to seduce the buyer.

We thought of concluding the interview with our last question “What are your thoughts on nudity? Does nudity be considered as an art?” She answered in a simple way saying “For me it absolutely depends on the context. I used to hate my body and even slept in bras, never wore anything remotely revealing, but at university I took a (nude) figure drawing class and just saw the body as what it is. Our bodies are amazing machines and each one is so different. We should embrace what we have, and for some people like me, we do this by modeling nude”

Honestly, we were amazed to read this as how someone can gain body confidence by sleeping in a bra and taking nude drawing classes at university. And we just want to say thanks to Shay for the lovely interview and for inspiring our audience by your true story. We hope this can be a way for many girls to gain body confidence, they seek!

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