While you are reading this, count the number of people who tell you all the negative shit every day & try to influence you. We bet the count cannot be zero. There are people who doubt your abilities and talent and their continuous job is to bring you down. What can be done to ignore all this negative shit and move ahead in life? We were surprised to listen to the very talented Preeti Rana’s story. Nobody has seen or read her overnight success (that’s what people call it) took 7-8 years of hard work, patience, and total dedication.


We thank her for disclosing her inspiring story to set an example in front of our readers and viewers. We started the interview with gorgeous Preeti Rana asking her to brief us about herself like at what age she started acting and as an influencer? She answered

“so coming from a Strict Defence background. Initially, I was a complete stranger to this industry but I always wanted to do this !! It was my passion!! so I participated in a beauty contest and won it from there I was approached for many Modelling assignments .. initially, I didn’t take it seriously because I was studying too but then later it became my full time job and I am very grateful for that! Since 7-8 years I am doing this now and then eventually did many huge brand endorsements with many big stars with time. I have worked in many countries. And honestly I feel I have been very lucky to Pursue my dream job!! Also this wouldn’t have been Possible without my PR Family for their immense love and support ❤”

Totally inspiring that she just participated in a beauty competition and it was her kick start. What takes you to make a start?

We continued with our questions and asked her, “As we have partnered with many brands, Amazon being our premium partner looks out influencers for its own apparel brand. Will you be interested in a paid collaboration with Amazon promoting their women essentials and lingerie brand? How well you can Influence people to buy them?” She brought out another answer with confidence “Absolutely!! Would love to be a part of it! I think my major fan following is from the age group of teenagers and young people! And since I am myself a person who believes it firmly that lingerie is not just about seducing others it’s about embracing our own selves !! Feeling confident in our own skin !! I don’t believe in stereotypical thinking !! Never did! I can make promotional videos use relevant hashtags and tags for their promotion. Post pictures and stories for the same! Hope we can have a potential business opportunity here and grow together.

As she has done many lingerie promotions and is total body confident leaving behind the stereotypical thinking, She can really make the difference.

In between our conversation, we asked her to tell us how excited she is for this interview?

The last question went on where she shared some of the struggles she has fought with to reach this stage and level. She is now an inspiration for many people in India and world across. We asked her “What were the struggles that you have fought with to reach here where you are today?” She replied

“I think whatever happens it happens for a reason! There were many people who tried to influence me .. tried to drag me down! Said it’s not an easy job! How you can ! Bla bla !! But honestly I don’t think I ever doubted my caliber or talent ! I kept working hard .. kept working on myself !! And here I am today ! Negative type of ppl are there too today but I think I am at a place in life where I don’t care! Never cared!! Haha…I am busy building myself and don’t have time for any such things in life 🤓 yes meeting right people is essential in our industry to reach a certain place but that can also happen only by working hard towards the right direction !! Little eg: you approached me coz you saw caliber in me .. and that happened coz I created such content! So it’s as simple as that ! You work … u earn people you connect with new people and u grow eventually!! My funda in life is very simple… “ never stop learning and spread love and positivity in the most possible way I can”

We wish Preeti, A very all the best for her new assignment with Hot Shot Digital.

Not only this, there are many more projects lined up for Preeti. Her upcoming venture with Haider Khan Films for Alishan brand is the most awaited one. Many people also have an eye on her Bangkok shoot with DOT company. We wish her all the very best for amazing lists of projects. We really hope that Preeti Rana’s funda makes a huge difference in your lives and for your daily dose of motivation, you must follow her on Instagram: @iampreetirana 

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