When was the last time you thought about turning your habit into your profession? We all are blessed with many traits but only some of us are able to judge our hidden talent. Is there anything that you learned for yourself? It can be through youtube, books or by any mentor. Shutter Chicken found one such humble human being who gave us a chance to interview her.


Mini Alexander Saha who is a magazine writer who turned herself to an exceptional makeup artist and a content creator. It was makeup, beauty, and wellness that was always her forte. We started the interview with her asking her to brief us about herself. She said “My name is Mini Alexander Saha. I am a magazine writer turned self-taught Makeup Artist and a Content Creator, covering everything Lifestyle. My forte is definitely Makeup, Beauty, and Wellness. I’ve always observed and ingrained in myself the interest of using cosmetics/makeup, indulging in skincare and wellness, in a very holistic manner. I like sharing my tips and tricks with people and while I do someone’s makeup, I try to enhance their natural beauty in a more non-traditional way. I would say my style is more Western rather than traditional. Also, each person is naturally gifted with some skills that help them move towards their purpose in life. I feel grateful for innately understanding the art of Makeup and Beauty and always wish to help others with whatever I know.”

The best thing we heard from her that she shares tips and tricks with people to enhance their skin and wellness. To get a daily dose of beauty tips, you can follow her on Instagram @minimuartistry. Well, for now, Just see how excited she was to be interviewed by Shutter Chicken!

We continued the interview and threw another question to her “As we are associated with many brands, how well you can influence the audience to buy makeup stuff from Amazon Beauty?” She replied “As a Makeup Artist and Content Creator, I am always directly or indirectly promoting something; it could be a product, a habit or knowledge. With my videos on my social media, I have in the past promoted (sponsored/non-sponsored) stuff and I am sure enthusiasts do take notes and get influenced by the videos since I get questions from them related to the topic covered in my video. That’s why it’s a big responsibility to promote something with integrity.”

It’s not just the beauty, she has definitely got good brains and a definite plan to work with brands.


We concluded the interview on her story and asked her “What were the struggles you have fought with to reach here where you are today?” She answered “I am humbled for where I am today but ‘I have yet miles to go before I sleep’! It’s just the beginning for me. All I’d say is, I have juggled a lot to ensure that I give time to following my passion for Makeup and practicing & learning more each day by keeping up with the pace of the beauty world. It does take time to get noticed but if you keep at it, you’ll definitely be noticed. As well, self-motivation is the biggest factor to overcome the feeling of your on-going struggles because of challenges”


We are thankful to her for sharing such an amazing story with us. We also wish her all the best for her future projects.


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