There are many people in the world who are successful in their own way but there are also many things that are common in them. It’s not just the 5 AM club but the consistency behind that. Have you ever thought that what does it takes to enter that success club? It’s that first move with a promise of consistency. One must know about killing excuses that are made up inside the mind. 

Shivani Hasija


We found one such successful athlete who has won an equal number of hearts and medals. We are honored to interview Shivani Hasija and a big thanks to her for sharing the story of her life which can influence our readers in a very positive way. We asked her 3 simple questions, starting with this one “Please brief us about yourself and when did you start bodybuilding?” She answered in the best way possible saying “I am Shivani Hasija, working with Yes Bank full time and I am a 24-year-old.I’ve been a sports person for 19 years of my life and am a Priyadarshini Awardee for excellence in sports. From the past 3-4 years, since I’ve started working I’ve not been able to take out time for sports due to my timings but then I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast so nothing could stop me from keeping myself fit hence, I joined the gym since it is open for longer hours. My trainer asked me to go for women’s physique bodybuilding competition just last year i.e. March 2018 since he realized my potential and felt I should go for it since I work out really hard with utmost dedication. It was my first competition at the North India level & I managed to come 2nd. Since I’ve been so passionate about my workouts and fitness, I was self-motivated to go for further competitions at bigger stages. Currently, I am preparing for Amateur Olympia and ICN India in women’s bikini category. I’m a proud natural athlete.”

shivani hasija

She did not stop at the stage when she received the Priyadarshini Award & is still preparing for Amature Olympia & ICN India in women’s bikini category. Well, we did not stop as well and asked her another question “As we have tied up with many brands. If Amazon approaches you to promote its gym equipment and sportswear, how will make the big audience to buy them?” She replied “Well, being a fitness enthusiast, a sports person since 19 years of my life, be it skating, volleyball, athletics or bodybuilding, I feel I have quite a big network to be able to promote their gym equipment & sportswear and I’d start with my own gym members and my Instagram page, both on my fitness and my personal handle. Apart from that being a natural and having 6 pack abs with utmost hard work will inspire more people to work out and with that buy the aforementioned. I’ll promote the stuff on my social media and would ask others to do the same. I would promote the same in my workplace too by talking to clients & marketing the same.”


Well, she has also got a large network of fitness enthusiasts to market products and equipment. We concluded the interview with her story and asked: “What were the struggles you have fought with to reach here where you are today?” She responded “Like I mentioned the competition I am preparing for would be my first big stage competition, I’ve been working out twice in a day and have also been going to the office and managing everything. My parents weren’t quite supportive of me participating in this category earlier due to the uniform of this sport I.e. a bikini, also, cause I have a very strict high protein diet so they felt that internally my body may face issues, they also felt I might get pressurized by trainers and end up using steroids and spoiling my body. Apart from that, even though I haven’t used even 1 steroid and I am completely natural yet I’ve been receiving negative comments and a few accused me of using steroids just because my natural body gave me really good results all due to my hard work. At times, it felt bad cause people didn’t know how I’ve given up my lifestyle just for this competition but I still took it positively because being a natural and receiving such comments actually means that my hard work is actually giving me results.

Apart from that, I, at times, have been quite stressed out too thinking how will I ever give the girls on roid a tough competition but then I calm myself down because I know to go on stage in the best of my shape, naturally is a big win in itself. Giving up on everything you love, be it food, partying, get-togethers, events and also be working full time and managing everything is not easy. Initially, I’d cry on seeing good food but I’d motivate myself that I’ll have all of it once this competition is over.I still go to bakery shops & restaurants just to see and take in the aroma of the food that I love, increase my resistance & feel good & motivated at the same time. It is easy for people to point at your flaws but then a lot of them don’t even have the guts to be standing on the stage & putting in the same amount of hard work or even more. Participating in such a big platform, giving up your lifestyle is not easy. It takes a lot of courage to do what several other athletes and I are doing.

I also faced a few problems related to my body initially because my body took some time to adapt to certain diets and supplements. I didn’t even skip 1 day of my workout or cheat on my diet even when I had a fever or other such problems. Also, this sport is rather costly, financially it has been a little task too since I purchase and do everything out of my own salary and no help from my parents since they always taught me to work hard and be independent. I didn’t even know how to cook but ever since this competition I have been buying my own vegetables, cooking my own food because I couldn’t afford to let my diet falter. At times, some people pressurized me to take steroids but I’ve been strong enough to not take that pressure and say no to them. My trainers have been more than supportive of me wanting to go as a natural because at the end of the day your hard work and learning from your experience matters the most. Also, seeing my hard work, my parents have now become super supportive and are doing their best to motivate me and I really hope I can make them proud. For me, this competition is not about winning a trophy or their prizes but it is more about winning hearts and inspiring people to stay fit and to show them that they can achieve the best version of themselves, naturally.”

While concluding, she said “I’d also like to thank Healthy Chef, Janakpuri for sponsoring my one time meal, daily till my competition ❤”

And we thank her for giving us this opportunity to publish the real story behind her success. We wish her all the very best for her upcoming competitions and a super healthy lifestyle. Our readers can get their daily dose of motivation via following her on Instagram: @getfitwithhasija.

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