How do you see a feminist or what does ’Feminism’ means for you? It can be different definitions but people taking feminism as equality are the real ones who follow feminism. Many of them got questions like if Men can roam around without clothes, why women can’t. It should be the way we see the world. Why a woman is asked to hide her nipples? Why they are asked to shave their vaginas? And on the other hand, men roam freely. Do you people have a single logical answer to this? We will welcome in the comment box.

While we got Carolina who calls herself an ally of feminism, on board to interview and ask a few questions. We started the conversation by asking her “When did you start ‘Influencing’ and what are the things that you influence with?” She answered, “I think all of this started like 2 years ago. I believe people feel inspired by my travels during this period (I lived 4 months in Croatia and other 4 months in Lisbon and I have visited Germany, Slovenia, Budapest, France and some cities from Spain like Gandia, Murcia, Torrevieja, El Escorial…). Also, I believe the strongest point of my profile are the photos from the professional shootings I make. But what I am trying to develop more are content about my social thoughts. I am a strong aly to feminism and a very strong defendant of the LGTBIQ + movement (also, I consider myself as bisexual, so I am part of this group, too). 

In general, I think of me as a transgressive girl. And my dearest desire is to motivate people to know and be aware of the current worldwide worries. I am not perfect, nobody is, but I think I could help people because of some bad experiences I have been through and, also, because I am open to changes. My dream is to publish a book that can touch people’s hearts before I die (so, there is a long time left, I hope).”

Carolina considers herself as a strong ally to feminism a takes active participation in various group activities. We did not stop here and asked her few more questions “What are your thoughts on nudity? Should we take it as an art?” She responded “I think everything can be considered art when there is that intention behind. And, for me, nudity in photos, for example is ok. I mean, when I see pictures of people naked on Instagram, I think some of those images are masterpiece. It can be because the pic has a good lighting, angle, position of the model…Although I have never done nudity in any of my shootings and I don’t think I would cause I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that situation, it is very satisfying to see women feeling well with themselves in this kind of pics. Nonetheless, there are maaaany people who see nudity as something rude or pornographic. I believe those ones who only see porn every time there is a girl on a photo are disgusting, basically because those girls have to be respected. I would tell those guys a message: women don’t dress (or undress) for you, thanks and bye!”

Woah! Woaa! That was really an amazing answer that left one of our representatives stunned! Our conversation got really excited and we thought to conclude the interview on a crucial questions asking her “Will you be fine to be a ‘paid Influencer’ for Amazon’s lingerie sellers?” She answered in an affirmative way “Of course, it would be a pleasure and an opportunity I wouldn’t decline.” & we also asked her to share her story “What were your struggles/memories that has made you this big?” She concluded the answer stating “I think some struggles are that I have to pay attention to media, to be active on my Instagram account and I had to open myself more to the”public “. None of those tasks are easy, believe me. I think that there is a lot of sacrifice behind every content producer. For me, the hardest task is trying to respond to everyone or most of the messages sometimes, mostly when they want to debate something with me.”

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