Close your eyes and take a deep breath, think about the issues you face in your daily life. Nowadays people are surrounded by problems that make them less productive and unhappy. Some people are tensed about the ongoing loans, some are concerned about their work-life balance. The majority of people lack determination and are less productive. Shutter Chicken has got a solution to all these issues in order to help people increase their productivity.


We interviewed Dimpy Udhani who is an amazing mind strategist and life coach. She helps people to gain productivity with her own experiences. We asked a few questions and are totally honored to interview her. We started with a simple question: “Please brief us about yourself and since when you are making a difference in everyone’s life?” She answered “Hi Everyone, my name is Dimpy, The name may sound silly right, I use to also fight with my Mother in my childhood, what is this Name, the name is so silly , there is no meaning , but few years when I was again searching in google, meaning of it, I found the meaning as “Determination” in many blogs. On recalling my journey, I can completely say the meaning completely aligns with my name “Dimpy”.I come from a reserve family , where the marriage was always given more priority than education, due to which during my childhood, I was a girl having external dreams but internally having multiple fears, anxiety, irritation, negativity which led to having an addiction of having non-edible things, having hatred for my own parents . I had my first struggle with my own parents to get my higher education, I fulfilled my dreams as I desired, traveled across multiple countries for work and pleasure, but something was completely missing. I came across an international spiritual person through digital media and I didn’t know how, but I connected to his voice and kept hearing for a period of time after that my life completely changed. I felt I was so wrong, I realized how blessed I am to have my parents and what a blessing this life is. I went on a hunt of doing what I wish to do for my long term which made me start my Instagram page Polograd. I started getting emails from people on various issues of relationship, business, and career and because of my journey, I was able to guide them in the right direction. I further learnt from multiple Indian and international coaches for Business and mind strategies so that i can help my clients and bring real transformation in their life

So, ya ..this is a little about me, have written a book “Unstoppable you- Declutter your route to Purpose but not to show my literature skills but to guide, help people so that they can become unstoppable in their life. Launching Online programs soon which will help people in increasing their productivity and performance in their life and business.

We suggest our readers give a read to this great book by Dimpy Udhani: UNSTOPPABLE YOU: DECLUTTER YOUR ROUTE TO PURPOSE


We continued the interview and threw another question “As we have partnered with many companies, If a corporate invites you to take sessions for their employees, how well you can influence them at a mass level?” She replied “Everything starts in Mind, Influencing virtually through digital media or physically will remain the same. My goal is to impact as many as possible so that what I took ages to learn, I can help individuals to learn in a much shorter time.”


While concluding the great talks, we asked one last question to her “What were the struggles you have fought with to reach here? What keeps you going?” To this she said “I just shared few of my struggles above, other than that, I have been able to overcome multiple breakups, shifted from a frustrated employee to excelling in my Employment, to find my true path and purpose was also a long journey of exploring multiple businesses and any small skill I thought I have. Had multiple failures, setbacks but those failures and my journey help me to guide my clients in the right direction in their business.” She also added, “Recently, I got a testimonial from one of my clients of how his life completely changed and how his perspective for life, business and relationship changed. When I read through his testimonial, I had tears in my eyes but those tears were happy tears. I am doing this only for my happiness, the amount of happiness I get when I change a person’s life is beyond any happiness of the world, that keeps me going.

dimpy udhani

We wish all the best for her future projects and we are equally honored to interview her as she was so excited:

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