Calling it China’s Bioweapon, Trump is worried about seeing these Coronavirus Live Update which has crossed the 5 lakh mark in the USA. Previously before the epidemic, the nation had a vast economy of 21.4 trillion making it #1 in the world. But now the epidemic or the secret bio-weapon from China has surpassed the USA by jumping its own economy of 16.1 trillion to 25 trillion marks. The decision-making organizations and US allies find it difficult to digest the truth that the United States of America is no more a super-power.

The coronavirus outbreak has led to many deaths all over the world and the data of coronavirus live update denotes a different story altogether. Here is the Coronavirus Live Update by Shutter Chicken:

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Country or RegionCasesDeathsRecovered

Not only this, but president Trump has also indirectly indicated to the now Superpower China that they will have to pay for this as the prize for depleting the US economy can be high. 

As explained secretly, Trump denotes China as an invisible enemy. He is all set to ban China from all exports and imports. He has also advised company owners to set up manufacturing in the US giving an illustration of mobile phones being assembled in China. While this epidemic is threatening, Trump is trying to cope up with neighboring countries. He has also mentioned Japan in his tweets, telling them to do rigorous business with them. 

In one of his tweets, he also mentioned India’s PM Narendra Modi thanking him from his heart for providing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to the USA in these tough times. The third world nation, India is also proud to provide the same alternative to 30 other countries. 

President Trump is worried about seeing the Coronavirus live updates as the country has crossed the worst affected nations like Italy, Spain, and epicenter China. The president focuses on calling it China’s bioweapon because the coronavirus live update shows China getting back to business with nominal deaths of the older population residing there. There is no assumption but the whole world can see that China has recovered from this epidemic & there are no new COVID-19 positive cases. The only place that got affected in China was Wuhan. It was not committed to other places like Beijing. The Coronavirus Live Update shows 85% Chinese population recovering from the coronavirus. There is no conclusion to the discussion as many suspects that they have the vaccine to treat the coronavirus outbreak.

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