Familiar with Indian big weddings? Checkout Indian wedding ideas of these juvenile couples who gave an ultimatum to break the stereotypes. Guess what? Their families also played a supportive role in that, Checkout how:

1. This Kerala couple Invited a transgender person as a witness on their wedding

This couple who reside in scattered places of kerala decided to get married in a simplest way but with a pinch of “Big Indian Wedding”. Their idea of unusual wedding is inspiration for people who are trying to change the world. The couple Ramnath and Shruthi are resident of Alappuzha and Wayanad respectively. The bride wore “no-gold” jewellery on the big day of Indian shaadi. She matched her attire with a simple jute & cereal made jewellery. The couple invited Sheethal Shyam, A transgender activist from Kerala to sign the witness form & bless the couple for the marriage held at Registrar Office.

2. A Bride who denied to take gold and demanded 10,000 plant saplings instead

A Bride who denied to take gold and demanded 10,000 plant saplings instead

Breaking all the ideas of a big Indian wedding, a bride from Gwalior demanded 10,000 saplings in lieu of gold. Gold is considered a vital ritual in Indian weddings but it is better to break the stereotype thinking. When the bridegroom’s sister asked the bride about what kind of ornaments she wants for her big day. In the simplest manner possible, she demanded for 10,000 plant saplings to be planted by the couple after marriage. Priyanka Bhadoria, a 22-year-old science graduate believes in natural gifts rather pieces of gold ornaments. She gave a new acknowledgement to big indian weddings.

3. This bride invited & honoured her teachers instead of spending heavily on her wedding.

Extending a hand to the most outlandish Indian wedding ideas, Nishabandhu Vajifdhar, a 22 year old bride from Gujrat invited all her teachers from primary to college level at her wedding. There were around 75 teachers honoured with shawl and mementos. The family of the bride also donated around 10 lakhs to the schools where she did her primary and secondary education. The idea was to make it a big indian wedding and the bride did it in her way.

4. This man from Gujarat invited 18,000 widows to his son’s wedding

India Holi Festival Widows

Breaking the taboo, a man in Gujrat invited 18,000 widows to his son’s wedding. At many places in India, presence of a widow at wedding or any ritual is considered as a taboo. A businessman, Jitendra Patel thinks differently who invited widows to his son’s wedding and broke all the superstitions.This is one of the unusuals weddings in India. The widows were honoured with blankets and saplings. More than 500 widows who belonged to backward class were gifted milking cows to support their future earnings.

5. More than 250 grooms arrived on cycles on their weddings to create awareness about pollution & traffic


Normally, the groom arrives on a horse along with groom-mates on foot while bursting crackers. A chain of 258 grooms broke the rule and decided to spread awareness about increasing traffic and pollution in India. The grooms from Surat nestled to their wedding on cycle creating inspiration and spreading awareness for the Indian population.

Breaking all the usual wedding rituals and setups, these outlandish Indian wedding ideas require success in providing happiness.


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